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All You Want To Know About The RELX Pod Flavours Are From £8.99

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Best Unboxing Video For Relx Classic vs Relx Inifity From Matt August 2020


Genuine RELX Pods 20 Flavours Are From £11.99


Genuine RELX Pods 20 Flavours Are From £8.99


Customise Your RELX Now!


Internal Classic Stable And Reliable

RELX is your online resource for advanced e-cigarettes as well as next-generation vaping devices. We utilize the most contemporary production techniques, presenting you with ingenious gadgets. Our products integrate fashionable modern layouts with reducing-edge innovation to give you with the most effective vapour cigarettes and vape pens online.

The RELX Difference

RELX combines reducing side, next-generation vaping innovation with elegant, minimal designs. It will give you much more classy and sophisticated than various other online vapour shops. Our vape pens, as well as e-cigarettes, charge promptly as well as can last 24 hrs despite having hefty usage. Unique air passage designs likewise boost your vaping experience.

The Next Generation of Vaping

Curious concerning what the next generation of vaping gadgets can do? Fascinated by the principle of beauty and also efficiency meeting together?

Explore a few of our variety of items and uncover the distinction of RELX technology first-hand.

Why Should You Choose RELX?

When you choose RELX, you can expect sophisticated innovation and also modern minimalist designs. We do not, nonetheless, simply sell vaping tools online. We create a vaping experience that provides softer, smoother pulls with longer usage.

Regarding is an one stop online shop devoted to provide you with advancement e-cigarettes and the next generation of vaping equipment. Offering just the most modern-day production strategies and presenting you with the innovative vaping gadgets. provides you with RELX authorities items: RELX Starter Kit & Pods, Flavoured Pods, compatible pods for RELX and RELX Accessories. In addition, to satisfies customer demands, discovee top-notch global products and devices. All RELX products are covered by the guarantee to ensure the best customer experience for all items.

RELX items incorporate stylish contemporary layouts. And with the reducing side modern technology, it will supply you with the best e-cigarettes as well as vape pens online.

What Provides?
Very Same Level Of Dedication To Innovative Vape Products

You will absolutely not locate any kind of type of low-quality things right below. It goes without saying the main item of RELX, It has been licensed by vapers around the globe, whether it is taste, nicotine salt, quality or assessment report, it is flawless.

Quality-Tested Products

All e-liquid is separately reviewed to guarantee they lack unpleasant chemicals like Diacetyl as well as similarly Acetyl Propionyl. We utilize food-grade items, flavouring together with nicotine salts. With a Large ability and small price, compatible pods for RELX, you will have a new look and additionally fashionable layout. Abide by the ultra-thin honeycomb ceramic heater of RELX pods.

Much more Options

As we all know, the pod is the spirit of the vaping. Maintaining the pods extra appealing is one of our direction. Much more nicotine, flavours and performance cost vape products are in one stop of

Lightning Shipping Times To Everywhere

In addition, we send off orders in 24 hrs with tracking. You can locate out more information regarding the shipment and orders tracking of our things

Your One Source Of Vape Information

While our primary objective is to resource the finest vape products along with similarly make them offered to you at affordable prices. In addition, we are thinking of sharing valuable recommendations, sales details as well as also items advice.

All-Round After-Sale Services

1) Support group on standby 24 hrs. If you have any type of problems, contact us at any time. We will try to fix all customers’ troubles.

2) More comments, even more discount. In order for us to enhance our solution, we need your consumer comments. If you provide feedback, we can offer you discount rates as a prize.

3) Building an energetic interaction with customers. We upgrade the latest vaping info in our blog site each week. These blogs help our customers to get more information about vaping.

4) 1-year RELX UK Warranty. We are willing to provide you a 30 days replacement and also 1-year repair service warranty. Customers avoid fretting about the danger of online purchasing.

RELX UK – We Support Global Shipping online vapour shop supplies worldwide shipping. Regardless of where you are, we’ll attempt our finest provide your purchase right to your doorstep.


Product Information
How Long Do Relx Pods Last?

Each case lugs e-liquid sufficient to last around 650 pulls. How quick or how sluggish you complete each vessel is based completely on your daily smoking practices as well as how much vapour you absorb with each drag. Compared to the ordinary lit cigarette (8-10 pulls), you’re definitely triumphing!

How Much Time Can The Relx Vapes Last?

Our vape pens are made to last! Hardy, as well as long-lasting, a RELX tool utilized typically and also safely. You only need to change it  when the common life span of the batteries starts to wear away, which usually takes about 2-3 years.

What RELX Pods Nicotine Level Do You Offer To The UK?

Currently, we offer pods at the degree of nicotine concentrations 0-5%. As a company tailored towards assisting individuals the world over a change too much healthier alternatives, we sustain consumers who like reducing their nicotine consumption. Given that nicotine is a stimulant that triggers the brain’s reward wiring, it is totally regular for consumers accustomed to a greater concentration to at first find the use of lower-percentage pure nicotine sheaths less pleasurable.

What Are The Ingredients In The Pods?

All RELX pods solutions use pharmaceutical-grade propylene glycol to support the plant glycerin and cigarette oil emulsion. RELX’s propylene glycol providers meet the US Pharmacopeia’s requirements and also requirements, making sure consumer safety.

Our e-liquid provides nicotine without the normal host of additives, chemicals, and toxins discovered in normal cigarettes, consequently substantially lowering the wellness threats presented by standard tobacco products.

What Are Consisted Of In The Starter Kit?

Each starter package includes one RELX vape pen in the colour of your choice, one mint e-liquid pod, one USB charging cord, and an instruction pamphlet.

Cigarettes VS Vaping, Which Can Do Even More Injury?

Most of the current researches documenting the short-term effects of e-cigarette intake wrap up that e-cigarettes are dramatically less harmful than traditional cigarettes as well as decrease the impact of used smoke by approximately 95%. These aids bring down health threats not just for you but for the people around you!

Can I Use RELX To Give Up Smoking Cigarettes Or Replace Cigarette Usage?

All our of e-liquids are crafted as well as combined thoroughly by our chemists in order to create a genuine experience with a fresh twist. The main element of RELX’s e-liquids is plant glycerol – a slightly sweet material that is much less carcinogenic than tar and other chemicals and by-products frequently located in normal cigarettes. There might be a preliminary change period where your palate adapts to the mild preference, however, felt confident that it’s far from undesirable.

Is Vaping Indoors Allowed In The UK?

In the UK, the law does not prohibit smoking indoors in public places and workplaces. The law does not extend to cover e-cigarettes, so organizations should formulate their own policies on the use of e-cigarettes and e-cigarettes in their premises. However, in the UK, most trains, airports, and public transportation prohibit the use of e-cigarettes.

But the rules and regulations of different places may be different. It is best not to use e-cigarettes in crowded public places, such as restaurants. Before using the vape pen in a private place, make sure to check if they mind before starting. Please do not smoke near children and animals.

Follow these simple rules of etiquette, and understand the people around you, there will be no problems when vaping indoors. 

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